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Taxidermy Large Mouth Bass

I went to a local garage sale that had a lot of fishing stuff, like rods, lures etc. The wife asked if I liked fishing and when I replied yes, she told her husband he should show me some of the fish he had caught and taxidermied himself. I went inside and he had about 2 dozen on the wall in their basement. I asked if he wanted to sell any and he said I could choose one. I chose this large mouth bass. He said “Give me thirty bucks for it and it’s yours” I gave him the $30 and now I have this beautiful piece hanging in my cottage.

The details and craftsmanship that he put into this if incredable. From the lilypads to the float and worm in the fish’s mouth. What a beautiful piece.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, Please contact me below and maybe we can work something out. I will only ship in Canada and accept e-transfers as a payment.


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