UCS Star Wars Lego
UCS Star Wars Lego

Well, this weekend turned out to be the best weekend for lego I have ever had at a garage sale. It started out with me looking in the paper for the upcoming sales. I found one that said they would be having Lego for sale and that the garage would start at 8:00am. I went to buy gas at 7:15 and headed over hoping I would be first to the lego when it started. I arrived at 7:30 and as I pulled up she was just opening the garage door. I opened my window and asked if she would be selling lego today. She replied with yes and asked if I would be looking to buy it? I told her I was and she said “Let me go and get it first then, it is mostly Star Wars and a large Yoda” When I heard this I was hoping it would be the large Yoda I have always wanted Lego 7194. When she returned, she had 2 plastice bins. One bin contained about 150 minifigures, mostly star wars. Extra heads, bodies and legs. The other bin had AT-AT set 4483 dismantled with the manual.┬áThere were two sealed Lego sets, one was the AT-ST set 10174 UCS and the other was the Vader’s TIE Advanced set 10175 UCS. On top of it all was the Yoda 7194 I have been wanting forever. It was built and sitting on top. I asked what she wanted for it all and she didn’t know. She said how is $100? I didn’t even negotiate and gave her $100. As I was walking it to my car, she asked if I wanted to see the rest of it. I was excited that there was more. I told her “Yes, definitely”. She then brought out another sealed set which turned put to be the Sandcrawler set 10144 and a sealed star wars advent calander. There was another bin that had the Imperial Star Destroyer set 6211 dismantled with the manuals. ┬áThere were also 4 sets already built and put together. They were the Millennium Falcon set 4504, Luke’s X-Wing Fighter set 6212, Jabba’s Sail Barge set 6210 and the R2D2 mindstorm Droid Developer Kit set 9748. And finally a smaller box with 8 mini sets built. She said I could take it all away for another $100. This was the best Lego deal I have ever got. I am in love with everything I got.