Well it was the first nice weekend of the year and garage sales have begun. This weekend I got a few cool items, one being this vintage ColecoVision game system with accessories and games. I spotted the rubbermaid bin full of vintage games and the ColecoVision and saw a young boy looking through it. I asked the owner how much for the whole bin and he told me $25.00. I offered $20 and he gladly accepted it. The boy that was rooting through it only wanted the one mario game for nintendo, so I told him to keep it and that I had already paid for it. He was very thankful 🙂 The bin was 90% ColecoVision stuff and the rest Nintendo. I will show the Nintendo stuff in another post. The games included were:

4 Atari 2600 Games

Mrs. Pac-Man
Star Raiders

ColecoVision Games

Donkey Kong
Super Action Baseball
Super Action Football
Cosmic Avenger
River Raid
Grand Prix
Chopper Command
Omega Race
Blockade Runner
Strategy X
Double Ender Chuck Norris Super Kick / Artillery Duel