I found these 6 Lego Bionicle Barraki Figures from 2007 at my local Value Village store today. They were $2.99 each. I first saw 5 of them sitting together in the toy section and then found another one 5 minutes later sitting on top of a clothing rack. I had no idea there was 6 in the complete set. I just thought they were individual lego figures. They are all unopened and in new condition. below is a list of the ones I found.

Barraki Takadox Set LEGO #8916
Barraki Carapar Set LEGO #8918
Barraki Ehlek Set LEGO #8920
Barraki Pridak Set LEGO #8921
Barraki Kalmah Set LEGO #8917
Barraki Mantax Set LEGO #8919