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WOW, This buy was a total shock. I went to a local garage sale and a gentleman was selling a few Lego sets. Each one apart and in bags. I saw this one on the table and asked how much he wanted. I had no idea that it was an collectors edition, I just thought it was a Batmoble Lego set. He said that his kids were older now and off to college and he wanted $30 for it and said all the pieces were there. I offered $25 and he took it. When I got home and put it all together with my son, there was not one single piece missing. I began some research online and found out that it is a 2006 Batmobile Ultimate Collectors Series – Lego set 7784. I have seen this set as high as $1900.00 new in box on Amazon so it has to be worth a good penny. Definitely more than the $25 I paid for it.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, Please contact me below and maybe we can work something out. I will only ship in Canada and accept e-transfers as a payment.


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