I went to some garage sales this past weekend and at one of the homes I was sorting through some video games when I heard another person yell to the home owner “How much for this box of Lego?”. I immediately turned and saw the box and thought I was to late. The home owner said I have to go in an ask my wife. The lady then left while he went in.  I rushed across the driveway and picked up the box. He came back out with the wife and she said “You know that is like four or five hundred dollars in lego there” I was thinking to myself “Yes, I know but I am not paying anywhere near that.” She then blurted out “Give me five dollars and you can take it all”  I was in Shock.  I instantly gave her $5.00 and ran it to my car.  There were 2 sets I noticed in the bin, one being the Lego Train 4561 set and the other Harry Potter 4730 Chamber Of Secrets set. There are also a lot of electronic lego parts and motorized. So it was definitely worth the $5.00 i would say. The last photo is of all the lego cleaned and placed in a rubbermaid bin. I will now sort and organize it into my existing Lego.